Los Anti-Extratibles
A passion that lasts, ALL THE WEEK!
TODA LA SEMANA (All The Week) , is the first single by the band Los Anti-Extraditables, extracted of his first album entitled “Arrogance and greed are the worst weapon of
massive destruction”. It is a subtly achieved hybrid between the raucous
sounds of punk drums and guitars with the tasty latinity of the pianos
and the percussions of Salsa. faithfully represents a sound
organic achieved digitally.
Recorded and produced in the United States, mixed and mastered in Venezuela, the
album has the participation of several Latin American musicians with more than
20 years of musical trajectory.
It is a song composed in 2013 but that saw the light of production
Recently. A happy theme that narrates in an implicit way the way in which the
everyday life of an ordinary person is embellished by the inexplicable
charm of infatuation.
The theme is available on all digital platforms such as: Spotify,
Amazon Music, Apple Muisc and Deezer.


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