Daniel Barahona – The face behind the Best Seller

Daniel is a 16-year-old writer and motivational speaker who has made a contribution to the world with his best-selling book “El verdadero Éxito: sé una mejor versión de ti mismo”

In Daniel Barahona’s book, we can find his own experiences, mistakes, travels, and anecdotes lived with what he calls “ my healing family”. He shares with the whole world advice that we should follow to achieve true success and happiness.

Among the topics discussed in the book, we find important aspects of the author’s life, such as building a better version of oneself, overcoming depression, self-esteem, and how to use the time to develop talents and define the purpose of our lives.

His book was published on January 20, 2020, and is virtually available for those seeking to find peace in their lives and thus achieve closer to the path of happiness.



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